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1. Overview

Welcome to our Aiven Ideas! This is a dedicated portal for our users to share, discuss, and vote on ideas that could shape the future of our product. Whether you're a long-time user or just getting started, your ideas and feedback are important to us.

Aiven Ideas and why use it

Aiven Ideas is a collaborative platform where users can submit ideas, provide feedback, and engage in discussions to shape our product. It's an opportunity to voice your opinions, share insights, and contribute to innovation. Your active participation helps us understand what matters most to you and align our product roadmap with your expectations.

We host five open public forums to cater to various interests and specializations:

Feel free to explore and engage with the forums that align with your field of interest or expertise.

How it works

Participation is easy! Start submitting your ideas on our Idea forum. After your idea is approved and published, it becomes open for votes and comments from the community. The ideas with the most votes get escalated in the product development cycle.

Idea's lifecycle
  • Capture/Pending Review: Every idea starts with a "Pending review" status. Our Product Management team reviews and validates all submissions.
  • Converged: If your idea is similar to existing ones, they may be converged to avoid redundancy.
  • Shelved: Sometimes, some ideas, while good, may not align with the current strategic direction and are thus shelved for potential future consideration.
  • Roadmapped: Ideas of high priority and potential, aligned with our strategy, are incorporated into our product roadmap and backlog, signifying our commitment to their development and future implementation.
  • Available: The final stage, where the functionality inspired by your idea has been implemented and is now part of the product.

Public Roadmap: from ideas to features

Your ideas, if evaluated as valuable, are translated into feature components (distinctive pieces of a functionality within our product). Next, they are exhibited on Product Roadmap, which is a tool for planning and managing Aiven’s products and services. Adding new features inspired by your ideas allows us to tailor Aiven's Product Roadmap according to your needs.

Feature's lifecycle on Public Roadmap
  • In Discovery: The product team is researching the feasibility of the implementation, possible market value, and customers' sentiments. Your feedback is exceptionally valuable at this stage.
  • In Planning: We have prioritized the feature and preparing it for work
  • In Development: The engineering team is implementing it
  • Limited Availability: The feature is available in preview, reach out if you want to try it out
  • Early Availability: The feature is released to all users with some restrictions on the functionality and SLA
  • General Availability: The feature is available to everyone and fully operational 
  • Deprecated: The feature got obsolete. Stop using it.
  • End of Life: The feature is removed from the Aiven platform and longer available.

1. Overview



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