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  1. Time lag estimation metric for Aiven for Apache Kafka  ·  Available

  2. Enable Infinity Grafana Plugin  ·  Roadmapped

  3. OpenSearch compute-optimized and storage-optimized clusters

  4. Support exactly-once semantics when connecting Kafka to ClickHouse  ·  Roadmapped

  5. Ability to pause the backup process for a period of time  ·  Gathering Interest

  6. Support orafce as a PostgreSQL Extension  ·  Gathering Interest

  7. Support Bingo as a PostgreSQL Extension  ·  Gathering Interest

  8. Better auditing capabilities in the Aiven console (Cassandra)  ·  Gathering Interest

  9. Support for cross-project and cross-vpc service integration for all services in streaming domain  ·  Gathering Interest

  10. Access to MySQL Binary Logs  ·  Gathering Interest

  11. Aiven's S3 sink connector - Support configure offset flush max size  ·  Gathering Interest

  12. Wildcard support for Kafka topics integration  ·  Gathering Interest

  13. Support h3-pg as a PostgreSQL Extension  ·  Gathering Interest

  14. Support plrust as a PostgreSQL Extension  ·  Gathering Interest

  15. Flink - ClickHouse integration  ·  Gathering Interest

  16. Support two-zone OpenSearch clusters  ·  Shelved

  17. Aiven API support for Kafka Connect Java clients  ·  Pending Review

  18. Large Language Models (LLMs) hosted to build AI capabilities  ·  Gathering Interest

  19. Proactive Performance Alerts, AI-based [PostgreSQL/MySQL]  ·  Gathering Interest

  20. Native Datadog oAuth setup for platform logs  ·  Gathering Interest