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  1. Approximate Nearest Neighbour (ANN) Vector search via Storage-Attached Indexes  ·  Gathering Interest

  2. ClickHouse Driver for Apache Kafka Connect JDBC Sink connector  ·  Gathering Interest

  3. Aiven service tags as rsyslog variables  ·  Gathering Interest

  4. Add Support for ZDM proxy in Aiven for Cassandra  ·  Available

  5. Support pgvector as a PostgreSQL Extension  ·  Available

  6. Support for Apache Kafka Connect to be run standalone against a 3rd party Apache Kafka service  ·  Gathering Interest

  7. Add Datadog integration to Flink  ·  Gathering Interest

  8. Allow changing of OpenSearch configurable limits  ·  Gathering Interest

  9. Support to natively export to common SIEMs (Splunk, Sumo Logic, OpenSearch, etc)  ·  Gathering Interest

  10. ability to update opensearch default row count  ·  Gathering Interest

  11. filter by backend cluster setting  ·  Gathering Interest

  12. Support slow query logging in Aiven for Cassandra  ·  Gathering Interest

  13. Field Level Encryption Support for Aiven Products  ·  Shelved

  14. Better error messages when using the built-in query editor in console for Aiven for ClickHouse  ·  Gathering Interest

  15. Support JDBC for data ingestion to Aiven for ClickHouse  ·  Gathering Interest

  16. Make index snapshots possible for faster data restoration

  17. Kafka tiered storage with external S3 bucket  ·  Roadmapped

  18. Support for searchable snapshots  ·  Roadmapped

  19. Add MaxTimestampSpec data to the topic/partition details from the Aiven API  ·  Gathering Interest

  20. Enable Opensearch Cross-Cluster Search capability  ·  Available